I am a long time Duluth- Lakeside Lester Park Resident and I’ve seen many a Duluth City Councilor represent our neighborhood over that time. I’ve never endorsed someone before, but now I’d like to wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Gary Anderson as our 1st District Duluth City councilor. Please give him your support, he listens. Tim Allen, Lakeside-Lester Park

Tim Allen

I choose to support Gary Anderson to represent Duluth City Council District 1. Gary Anderson during his time on City Council has gained respect from the public as well as the law makers and government officials. I most admire Gary Anderson for his selfless work to represent all citizens, his ability to really listen to what people have to say, and the work he has done to build a better future for the residents of District 1 and Duluth. With proud enthusiasm, I support Gary Anderson for Duluth District 1 because I believe he will continue to work hard to represent us.

Julie Zaruba Fountaine

Gary Anderson’s record speaks for itself, and he has earned the trust of his constituents. Gary is a critical voice of leadership in defense of our community and in opposition to the compromised PolyMet/Glencore plan. “As an elected official representing thousands of downstream residents, I feel a moral obligation to stay front and center in the ongoing public debate about the threat to our planet.” We are proud to endorse Gary Anderson for 1st district Duluth City Councilor.

Duluth for Clean Water

In his successful first term, Gary Anderson has stood for facts, transparency, and the protection of our precious resources and community character. Plus, he’s a certifiably good person, and we need more of those these days. I fully support his re-election to a second term.

JT Haines

Our Revolution–Duluth is excited to be supporting Gary Anderson for the DFL endorsement in Duluth’s 1st District City Council seat.  His voting record on local environmental issues, advocacy for gender-inclusive city policies, and consistent stances on racial and social justice are qualities we would like to see in all of our elected officials.  Whatever your position may be on any issue before the Duluth City Council, you can rest assured that Gary Anderson will actively listen with genuine care and contemplation.  We look forward to working with Gary as he strives to focus on the people, planet, prosperity, and leadership in his second term as a city councilor in Duluth’s 1st District.

Our Revolution Duluth, Our Revolution -- Duluth

I appreciate having a colleague like Gary on the Duluth City Council. I’ve seen Gary do his best to represent the interests of his (our) constituents. He puts his head and his heart into the policy work he does. Patrick Boyle, St. Louis County Commissioner

Pat Boyle

OutFront Minnesota Action is excited to endorse Gary Anderson in his bid for reelection for the District 1 Duluth City Council seat. We appreciate Gary’s support of the LGBTQ community and look forward to working with him now and in the future on issues related to LGBTQ liberation.

OutFront Minnesota Action, OutFront Minnesota

I am pleased to support Gary Anderson for City Council. Throughout his term on the council, Councilor Anderson has been attentive to and present for his constituents. I have reached out to him on several occasions to voice my opinion, concerns or hopes for City Council decisions. He consistently responds to me, letting me know that my opinions have been heard and considered.

Andrea Crouse

I am happy to support Gary Anderson’s campaign for re-election to the City Council. Gary has been a friend for a number of years now and I have watched him grow into a serious council member who is willing to listen to the concerns of constituents and do the right thing. Though I don’t agree with every one of his decisions, I know that he has thought them through and has the best interests of his district and the city in mind when he acts. He should be re-elected to serve District 1.

Joan Peterson

I support Gary Anderson because he actively listens to all viewpoints in his district by asking people their opinions not just talking to them. Gary is independent minded, seeking a broad compromise serving many viewpoints, not just a narrow view of a single group. He is guided by principles of equity and social justice. His solutions are pragmatic and fair. Gary realizes the economic value of Lake Superior and the environment to Duluth and works to protect it.

Henry Helgen



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