For four years I have served as the First District City Councilor of Duluth. Please re-elect me so I can continue to be a leader for people, planet and prosperity.

My campaign for re-election is based on the same three principles I first ran on in 2015. In common with progressive people around the world I believe in People: I am committed to building a more inclusive, equitable and just community where “We all do better, when we all do better.” Municipalities like Duluth make a difference in people’s lives every day- a powerful example of this is the Earned Sick and Safe Time (ESST) ordinance that will be enacted in 2020.

I believe that living in harmony with our Planet is the foundation of health and real well-being. When we respect the planet, we also respect our fellow humans. I’ve supported actions by the City to reduce our carbon foot print like investing in solar energy and switching to bio-fuel at the steam plant.

Prosperity for all comes as a result of treating people as humans first rather than as producers or consumers. The benefits of our prospering economy are to be shared by all—not just the privileged.

When we work together to honor this triple bottom line—People, Planet and Prosperity, we move toward a more sustainable and healthy life for all.

Please support me and other progressive candidates and talk about the upcoming election with your friends and neighbors. I would also appreciate any financial support and volunteer time you are willing to invest.

Thank you. Together, we make a difference in our city and our world.



Any financial support you are willing to invest is appreciated.